Nicotine in Australia is a Schedule 7 poison and as such is prohibited from being supplied or sold.

Under a scheme administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, however, you are permitted to import a 3 month supply of nicotine for your personal use.

Nicotine can be ordered in strengths of 25mg/mL, 50mg/mL, 75mg/mL or 100mg/mL.

It can also be ordered in a base of either PG or VG and in bottle sizes of 100mL or 200mL.

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We recommend ordering a 200mL bottle of 100mg/mL strength in a base of PG.

For more advice on nicotine strengths, quantities and blending with our flavour doublers visit us in store or call us , our Address and Phone Number is located at the bottom of this page.



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